July 2010

The Cape Cutter 19 won the "Round The Island" race in class for the second consecutive year with Mike Brooke's "Sea Badger II" again taking first honours out of a class of 21 boats.

Congratulations to Mike from all at Honnor Marine!

Click on the picture for an album recording Mike's win. Press the F11 key for full screen view and then F11 to return!
November 2009

The Cape Cutter 19 won the "Round The Island Race" (Round the Isle of Wight) in its class (Modern Gaffers) this year, coming first, second and fourth. Results are HERE.

Mike Brooke, who won the race in "Sea Badger II", a Honnor Marine built boat (Hull 87) came on to our stand with his trophies from the race, a plate and a trophy made from a dead eye block from Shackleton's "Endurance". Here he is with Bob, next to the Cape Cutter 19 show boat at the Southampton Boat Show in September.


Another shot with Mike, Bob and Norma.

Mike sailed his boat around the UK last year which proved how sea worthy the Cape Cutter is. Mike faced some high winds and stormy seas during his circumnavigation.

Besides being an excellent sea boat, the Cape Cutter 19 also has a good turn of speed!

April 2009

London Boat Show 2009

We took one of our Cape Cutter's in our classic red livery to London- this had all the options possible installed, including swim ladder, spray hood and teak decks and grating.

We are intending to produce the Cape Cutter 19 with an inboard option (Yanmar 10hp). This will be available by early January 2010.
Bob and Norma with our web master, Simon Head who has owned a cape Cutter 19 for 6 years. He has sailed all around the UK.
What a warm cabin to retreat to on a Cold January day!
Dec 08

We will be exhibiting at the London Boat Show 2009 at Excel from Friday 9th January 2008 until Sunday 18th January 2008. See www.londonboatshow.com on how to get there! On our stand N041A we will be exhibiting our famous Cape Cutter 19 in her red livery. This will be a special boat indeed and will include many options

Now that we have increased the size of our production facility we can offer build slots for the Cape Cutter 19 for delivery for the 2009 season.



October 08

We had a very busy Southampton Boat Show as can be seen on our main site HERE. Our gorgeous Cape Cutter was admired by all who came on board and was sold at the end of the show to Mr and Mrs Denis Ogle from Northumberland and named "Mary Ann". Our Cape Cutter 19 now has a venerable following, and is renown as having excellent sea keeping qualities, as proved by Mike Brookes following his round Britain passage completed between July and September 2008.

  Left: The Cape Cutter 19 offers excellent value at 19950.00 UK pounds (inc VAT) for the bare boat and 2395.00 UK pounds (inc VAT) for the trailer
   Left: All arrived safely at Southampton
   Left: A special one off interior was fitted out in the special Southampton Boat show Cape Cutter
   Left: A Full teak deck and grating was installed. Note how the grating is secured. The cockpit is fully self draining.
   Left: Simon and son Simeon Head. Simon has had his Cape Cutter now for over 5 years and is really impressed by her performance, sea keeping qualities and build quality, especially of the later Honnor Marine boats. Simon sails with his family, and says it is a great activity that all the family can enjoy.

Simon is an ex time served Deep Sea Marine Engineer having served his apprenticeship with Ellerman City Liners on their container and cargo vessels. He has contributed in the development of many practical accessories on the boat.
   Left: The sprayhood can be erected whilst sailing
   Left: View in the cabin. The new hatch (see below) adds to the light and airiness of the cabin.
   Left: We have installed a new hatch which is slightly larger than previous boats. This has an integrated fly net and curtain for privacy.
Left: Mr and Mrs Denis Ogle of Northumberland take delivery of the Show Cape Cutter 19. They are to name her "Mary Ann" and will sail her off the Northumberland Coast and Kielder water.

July 08

Mike Brooke, whose Cape Cutter 19 was displayed at the London Boat Show 2008, is setting out on a marathon round Britain sail on July 5th. This is to raise funds to aid research into a genetic condition that his Godson Theo was born with in 2006. Details of Mike's trip and sponsorship can be seen on his web site here. Mike is wishing other Cape Cutter owners to join him on his voyage- details of his itinerary can be found on his web site.

The Photographs opposite shows Mike's Cape Cutter 19 "Theo's Future" under sea trials in the Solent. The picture at the bottom shows Mikes boat flying a genneker, which we believe is the first boat to fly this configuration.

Mike is a commercial Yacht Master and has been very impressed with the Cape Cutter 19's performance and stiffness during trials and has no worries in the capability of this superb yacht in tackling this arduous challenge.

Click on the pictures for a larger view!

Apr 08

Details of our trailer added here. including many detailed photographs. Also have a look at our Honnor Marine Factory Tour which includes lots of photographs of the Cape Cutter 19 in production!


Dec 07

We will be exhibiting at the London Boat Show 2008 from Friday 11th January 2008 until Sunday 20th January 2008. See www.londonboatshow.com on how to get there! On our stand N013A we will be exhibiting our famous Cape Cutter 19.

Now that we have increased the size of our production facility we can offer build slots for the Cape Cutter 19 for delivery for the 2008 season.

Above Bob wearing his new CC19 sweat shirt!

Above: All the Staff of Honnor Marine wearing their CC19 sweat shirts!

Christmas 2007 News Letter

Dear Cape Cutter 19 owners

Bob and I and all our staff at Honnor Marine would like to take this opportunity to wish you all A VERY MERRY XMAS and AN EXTREMELY GOOD SAILING SEASON FOR 2008!

We are delighted to tell you that having settled into our new larger boatyard our production of the CC19s has improved tremendously.

We are now on Hull 90 and the demand for these classic day sailing boats is still excellent with enquiries not only in the UK but from Germany, Italy and Spain.

We would like to bring to your attention that at the 2008 London Boat Show in January our CC19 that we are exhibiting (Stand N013A) was ordered at the Southampton Boat Show by Mike Brooke and will be presented with the first Racing Green Hull/Ivory Deck.

We thought you would like to know that Mike (who is an ex Royal Navy Yacht Master) has order the CC19 to sail around the UK starting in Spring and is doing a sponsored sail for his God Son Theo who has been born blind.

Mike his hoping to get as many sponsors as possible in order to raise funding for Guys Hospital who need a special 100,000 machine which can detect this genetic defect of the retina at birth.

A web site is shortly being set up in order for people to trace at any one time where Mike is sailing in the UK.

The CC19 owners who met Mike at the Southampton Boat show, where he placed his order for the boat all said that they would like to join him on his journey creating a flotilla of CC19s once they know he is in their area.

Another link will also be on the web site to just Giving Fight for Sight where donations can be given by Visa/ Mastercard.

Bob and I are helping where possible and are delighted that Mike has chosen our Cape Cutter 19 for his voyage.

Hopefully we shall get media coverage for Mikes remarkable effort.

An early request for HRH Princess Anne has been put forward for her to come on our stand and meet Theo and his parents.

All in all we hope our CC19 boat owners will support Mike in whatever way they can.

Mikes contact e-mail address is:

mpbrooke@neverlookback.co.uk and may be contacted on 01243 572127

Best wishes to you all

Bob and Norma Brown
June 07

Graham Kean comes 7th overall in class in the Isle of Wight "Round the Island" race (23rd June 2007). As a first time race this represents a magnificent achievement. For Full account see here. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available here:

September 2006:

Southampton Boat Show

From day 1,as soon as the crowds came over the bridge at the Southampton Boat Show they all made their way to the CapeCutter19 stand.


Our prominent position could be seen immediately; on our stand besides our CapeCutter19  we took our Original Devon Lugger, Devon Scaffie and for the first time at Southampton our Original Devon Dabber.

People headed straight for the CapeCutter19 and at 19.750 couldn't believe the value for that price.

Our CapeCutter19 sleeps a family of four very comfortably.


We lost count of the daily visitors who climbed on board our CC19 but we know it was none stop all day long.
The weather was extremely kind to us which also helped but even on the two wet days we still had lots of interest shown to the CC19, a lot of visitors told us that they had especially come to see her..

They were delighted with the quality build and all the new alterations we had made since the first 55 CC19's were built in Cape Town.

A lot of talk and discussion was about our new CC19 galvanised trailer which comes with a five year warranty on the axle and allows easy towing launching and retrieving.

Priced at 2.000 it is excellent value.


We were delighted to take three orders at the show even though there is a 12 month waiting list people were prepared to wait in order to own one.

Bob and I were pleased to see Gus Pimblett and friend; Gus is our local newspaper reporter and always supports us at all the boat shows.

 Although the owner of a Longboat, this year Gus was really tempted to put an order in for a CapeCutter19 when he saw what value for money she was.


We were delighted to see more of our local friends from Rochdale, especially Liz and her husband who were also very impressed with the CapeCutter19.

The CapeCutter19 is an ideal safe family boat; here Simon Head owner of CapeCutter" Halcyon" which has a white hull is only too pleased to talk to families about her sail performance.


It wasn't only the adults who were interested but many of the children were drawn to our CapeCutter19 and "wanted one"!.



Picture of CC19 and visitors. 

It was lovely to see CapeCutter19 owner Graham Keen and family; Graham owns Hull 68 SANUK and is extremely pleased with her performance.


We had many visitors; It was lovely to meet up with Barry Groves and colleague Stephanie; Barry is based on the Isle of Wight and is very much involved with the Chamber of Commerce. He is always busy organising boat shows at home and abroad.One of his latest shows is for Dubai in March. Anyone interested in exhibiting abroad should contact Barry he is so helpful.
Every day at the show the visitors as well as the exhibitors were entertained by the "PIRATES"!.What a group of friendly people.
Ruth and Maureen who live in Southampton were very keen to come to the show; Not quite novice sailors but getting there!

CapeCutter19 owners will be pleased to hear that while we were exhibiting at the show we had measurements taken for a company to manufacture a SPRAYHOOD for the CC19 which will be available by December. ( Dads get your order in to Father BOB Xmas now)!


Fitters preparing for a sprayhood.


Bob and Norma wish to thank all their customers old and new for attending the Southampton Boat Show and for making it a very happy event.

September 2005:

Southampton Boat Show

This years Southampton Boat Show proved to be a great success, sales were up on last year and the weather was generally very good.

As usual Honnor Marine had a very good position to exhibit and display their Devon Lugger - Scaffie and the popular CapeCutter19.

From day one keen boating visitors arrived in crowds every day. Over 100 people per day climbed aboard our CapeCutter19 showing interest in her and asking about her performance.

It was as well that the Honnor Marine joinery shop made such a good job of the CC19 staircase as it had to take so many people; at one stage during the show we had over a dozen people queuing to get aboard.


The CapeCutter19 proved to be a very popular family boat; Being so roomy inside she sleeps 4 adults comfortably.

Jeremy Freedland arrived with his wife and four children to see the UK CC19; Jeremy's father owns S/A Hull 46 which Jeremy gets to sail when the family are on holiday in Cornwall.


Visiting the boat show were these two very polite young enthusiasts couldn't keep away from our stand and especially showed interest in the CapeCutter19.

I am sure had the boat been moored on water they would have set sail and gone when we were not looking!

Visiting us yet again were our friends we met at Beale Park; Showing a keen interest in the range of boats we build they have yet to decide which is going to suit their needs best. See you at The London Boat Show 6th -15th January.

Getting together at last Nicholas Fox our first UK owner of Hull 56 FOXGLOVE meeting Richard Rickard owner of CC19 NETTIE.

They obviously had lots in common with each other comparing their different ways of sailing their CC19 and obviously discussing technical points.

Richard who has his CC19 moored at Mylor in Cornwall has recently spent a full day with WaterCraft Magazine who have kindly done a five page written report on the sailing performance of the CapeCutter19; A 5 page report to be released 15th December titled " Don't call her an Old Gaffer!". It makes very interesting reading
Excellent value at 19.750 including vat she is effortless to tow and easy to launch and retrieve.

Simon Head and son Simeon owners of Hull 40 have had lots of happy sailing hours aboard their CC19 HALCYON.

We are very grateful to Simon and Simeon who attend all our boat shows. Simon is always happy to answer any technical questions and will be available weekends at The London Boat Show with us on Stand N1823


Having been on many sailing holidays with his Father, sister Marion 8yrs and Mother, Simeon now aged 10yrs can beat me hands down on his knowledge about the rigging and sailing of the CC19.

I still live in hope of owning a CC19 of my own some day!

Honnor Marine have slightly re designed the CC19 Galvanised Trailer to ensure easy towing launching and retrieving

Made in house to a very high spec she now is built with AL-KO Braked Euro- Compact Axle which comes with a Waterproof Bearing.


* Successfully used in the automotive industry.

* Twin spherical bearing race packed in special protective compound.

* Maintenenance free- long life bearing.

* Accurate press-fit of bearing unit into braked drum ensures problem free running.

* Built to run for up to 250.000Km


An extra easy launch winch can be fitted onto the base of the trailer to attach to your vehicle for extra launch protection when launching from extra steep slope.

Pictures taken during the boat show illustrate;

The quality Stainless steel gaff jaw that is also made in house by Honnor Marine. 



The Stainless steel Tabernacle also made by Honnor Marine.




The Quality Tiller made in house.

Showing all the CC19 high quality Ropes which we use for the rigging on the CapeCutter19, they all come colour coded in order to make rigging the boat easy. A Hand Book is supplied showing where each rope goes.

Bob and I would like to thank all our customers and all the people who attended the boat show, special thanks to all the families who showed so much interest in the show CapeCutter19 SUNBEAM, who, after the show was collected by new owners Mr and Mrs David Wastall of the I.O.W.



Adam Pereira Announcement;


During the Southampton Boat Show Adam stood on the Gypsy Moth Stand and gave a very moving account of how he had been diagnosed with Diabetes in his 30's and how it had affected him. ( Adam is insulin Dependent).

Having got over the shock of losing his job (he worked at sea on the oil rigs) a suggestion from his young son that he should live his dream and sail the Atlantic SINGLE HANDED gave him a new lease of life and something to plan and look forward to doing.

He started thinking and planning what a remarkable achievement it would be for a diabetic to show other people affected by this illness that life can go on as normal.

Statistics show that more and more cases of Diabetes is recorded every year.

Adam needs funding to carry out his dream;





signing.jpg (14592 bytes)

Feb 04:  Production Started In The UK after our successful return from the Excel London Boat Show in January, We are pleased to announce the main boat builder Dirkie arrived safely from cape town to the UK and is now in full production to meet the very demanding orders received on the popular day saving boat. One of Dirkies first projects was to organise and produce the spars which are made from Douglas Fir. He produced 12 Bowsprits on a Saturday morning. 


This is hull 56 for Nicholas Fox from London in production with some of our staff, This will be the first Cape Cutter produced in the UK.

Sept 03:

Cape Cutter 19 production moves to the UK

An important development for the continued growth of the Cape Cutter 19 has been a decision to move production from South Africa to the United Kingdom. We have been very pleased with the build of the Cape Cutter 19 by Quadrant Yachts in South Africa. The strengthening of the South African Rand has been the major factor in this decision. 

Honnor Marine, builders of the original Devon Lugger, will be taking over the production of the Cape Cutter 19. Nick and Lyndsay Voorhoeve, developers of the Cape Cutter 19, will continue to market and assist with the smooth hand over of production to Honnor Marine over the remainder of the year, after which they plan to return to their career in the luxury yacht industry. 

Nick Voorhoeve says, This is great news for the Cape Cutter 19 class. Honnor Marine have been building quality traditional boats for a number of years. Moving construction to the U.K will help support the continued growth of the Cape Cutter 19 in the U.K as well as the increasing demand for this popular modern gaffer in Europe.  

Bob Brown says, The Cape Cutter 19 is a great addition to our range of classic day sailers and we are excited to be gearing up for the production and marketing of this very successful design.  

To date, over 60 Cape Cutter 19s have been sold since Nick and Lyndsay first introduced them at the 2001 Southampton Boat Show. They have proven to be excellent sailing boats, ideal for coastal cruising and trailer sailing.  

They will continue to be built to the same specifications by Honnor Marine.

For more information, please contact:Bob and Norma Brown tel: 01706 715986 / 07966 518536
info@honnormarine.co.uk / info@capecutter19.com

Sailing Towards Picture.jpg (42365 bytes) June 03:
Round the Island Race - first in class but no trophy !
2 Cape Cutters competed in this years Round the Island Race. Nick SY "QUEST" took first in class and Richard Lawrence, SY "FROLIC" took third, however the trophy went to Maximus because Nick didn't hand in his declaration form (which he thought you only needed to do if you were lodging a protest) - he's not very popular with the crew !

Briefly the race went as follows.
We started on the wrong side of the course and rounded the Needles behind about five Shrimpers. We then had very close racing, short tacking up on the inside close to the cliffs to avoid the current. Once the current turned, we headed
out to sea making longer tacks, this is where the two Cape Cutter 's really started stretching their legs. We both rounded St Catherine's Point (about 18 knots) on the nose, ahead of the Shrimpers and by the time we got to Bembridge Ledge they were out of sight. When we crossed the line they fired the gun for us, and that night on the official website we were in first place! You can imagine our dismay at the prize giving the following day when we learnt that we had no longer won as we had not handed in our declaration form. Never the less, it was a great race.

Family Picture.jpg (49878 bytes) June 03:
Cape Yachts celebrates the order of the 50th Cape Cutter 19.
May 03:
Cape Yachts celebrates shipment of first 2 boats to the USAApr-May 03: 
Visit us at the:
Norfolk Boat Show: 10-11 May
May Boats on Show: 16-18 May
Beaulieu Boat Jumble: 27th April 
Sailing Away Picture.jpg (45652 bytes) Mar 03: 
Yachting Monthly
tests Cape Cutter 19 in UK - look out for the review in the June issue.
8_Big_moment.JPG (68211 bytes) Jan 03: 
The launch of the Cape Cutter 19 show boat, "Quest", in Cape Town is followed by speeches and celebrations. The show boat ships to the UK end Jan and will be available for viewings and test sails end Feb 03.   
Factory_floor.jpg (62766 bytes) Oct 02: 
First USA order
... Cape Yachts announces order of Hull no. 37 for delivery to the USA in July 2003. "We are excited to have our first Cape Cutter going to Andrew Evans in Maine, an ideal location for this type of boat ... chase the Cat Boats!" 
home_CC_low_res.jpg (41319 bytes) Sept 02: 
Visit us at the Southampton Boatshow stand no B68 (Dingy area) where Hull 18 will be on display and the designer, builder and ourselves will be happy to answer your questions and talk about the Cape Cutter 19.
hulls14-15-16.jpg (55412 bytes) Aug 02: 
Hull 16, 17 & 18 arrive in the UK for delivery to the East Coast and Solent waters.
Factory_3boats.jpg (63479 bytes) June 02: 
Hull 14 & 15 ship to UK for delivery to the Cheshire and Rutland Water. 
Orange_mould.jpg (69893 bytes) May 02: 
The team celebrate completing a second set of Cape Cutter moulds - bright orange moulds !!! to increase production.
Quadrant_sign.jpg (72583 bytes) April 02: 
Cape Yachts opens new factory with Quadrant Yachts dedicated to building to increased production schedules 
Scout.jpg (55169 bytes) Dec 01: 
Hull # 10 & 11 hit the high seas for delivery to East Anglia and the Isle of Man 
Veryan_Tresco.jpg (42623 bytes) Dec 01: 
Hull # 7 & 8 arrived on Boxing Day for delivery to Floaters Marine, Chichester harbour. 
Bandoola_sail.jpg (57448 bytes) Jan-June 02: 
Jo Sinfied voyages solo from Burma to Singapore on Cape Cutter 19 "BANDOOLA". Click here to read more about Jo's FAR EAST cruise. 
Impi.jpg (62965 bytes) Dec 01: 
Jan Younger takes delivery of "Impi" in Wales. 
Weasel.jpg (72273 bytes) Dec 01: 
Tim Walsh prepares "Weasel", for winter sailing, Mersea Island
Austins.jpg (74063 bytes) Nov 01: 
Hull 3 & 4 go on display at Lion Classic Boats, Holland. 
CT_BoatShow.jpg (81925 bytes) Oct 01: 
Cape Cutter 19 goes on display at Cape Town's Waterfront Boat Show.
containerg_3and4.jpg (58598 bytes) Oct 01: 
The thumbs up as we pack Hull # 3 & 4 into their container and gets them ready to leave Cape Town. 
boatshow_SIBS_01.jpg (70436 bytes) Sept 01: 
Cape Cutter 19 debuts at Southampton Boat Show.
PBO_frontPg.jpg (121402 bytes) Sept 01: 
Boat Test Review by David Harding, Practical Boat Owner Sailing Magazine
interior_in_mould.jpg (56969 bytes) Jun 01: 
of Hull # 3 & 4 underway for consignment to Holland 
zest_container.jpg (44769 bytes) May 01: 
Show boat "Zest" ships to the UK 
zest_tble_bay.jpg (45285 bytes) Apr 01: 
Traditional Boat Association Classic Boat Regatta
... Cape Cutter 19 pips rest of fleet at the mark in TBA classic boat regatta. 

Mar 01: 
CE Certification
- Category C for Inshore Waters ... ECB Holland flies out to inspect Cape Cutter 19. Cape Cutter 19 becomes first monohull in South Africa to receive CE Certification and features in ECB newsletter. 
steve_meek.jpg (57243 bytes) Feb 01:  
Sail Test Review
by Steve Meek, well known S.A sailor, for March edition of the S.A Sailing Magazine. 
TBA.jpg (51048 bytes) Jan 01: 
Maritime Museum Exhibition
- Traditional Boat Association... Cape Cutter 19 goes on display at the Maritime Museum, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town for the TBA's monthly meeting. Nick and Dudley host presentation on the design and construction of the Cape Cutter 19, followed by a Q & A session, snacks and drinks. 
factorybows.jpg (44957 bytes) Dec 2000: 
... Hull #1 & 2 launched at Christmas 2000. Here they can be seen rigged in the factory where much bubbly was consumed in celebration of their completion and they were duly christened. Gale force winds prevented a splash in the southern ocean but not for long.

c l a s s i c  s a i l i n g . . .   m o d e r n  p e r f o r m a n c e